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François Desseilles is specialized in Cultural Heritage Law (University Paris-Sud XI, 2011) after obtaining a Master's degree in Law (2009) and a Bachelor in History (2010, one-year preliminary programme) at the University of Liège (ULg, Belgium). In Paris, he completed internships at the Centre for National Monuments and the Louvre Museum, and then worked in the CECOJI-CNRS (Centre for Studies on International Legal COoperation), on a study commissioned by the Museums of France Department (ownership of collections). He has worked as an expert-consultant for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Ministry of Culture on a thorough study about protection of cultural heritage. Assistant at the Faculty of Law of the ULg and scientific collaborator at the Department of Psychology of the University of Namur (Belgium), he is developing research projects about cultural heritage. He has a great interest in the public and private sectors of cultural activities and management of cultural heritage, copyright and art law, as well as history and art history.


In 2013, he presented research about food and nutrition in Namur during a seminar with students. It develops among others the importance of a food policy aiming populations mental health. He has been contributing to an inquiry with students regarding in particular the links between cultural consumption, living environment and emotions. The results of the study are forthcoming. He plans to present research on the living environment and mental health in 2014.




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