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Dr. Martin Desseilles is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist.


As a medical doctor, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Martin Desseilles divides his time between clinical practice and research in psychiatric neuroscience.He teaches and lectures on a regular basis, both in Belgium and abroad.


Martin Desseilles has written or co-written numerous original articles -- published or in press -- in referenced medical journals with international distribution. He has also edited three books and published numerous book chapters. Martin Desseilles has received many national and international awards for his research in the field of mental health and psychiatric neuroscience.


Martin Desseilles’ research includes studies on the interaction between cognition and emotions. These studies employ a variety of techniques (behavioural, pharmacological, electrophysiological and neuro-imaging techniques), and have been applied to subjects in various states (waking, sleeping, under hypnosis or in meditation) and in different populations (individuals in good health, those with a mood disorder, those with an anxiety disorder, those who abuse or overuse toxic substances, and so on).


Martin Desseilles is also interested in the field of eHealth, and collaborates on research projects using mobile applications to track health and well being.


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Dr Martin Desseilles
Rue du Chateau de Ruyff, 68
B-4841 Henri-Chapelle


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